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• Specification of Abstract

• Template of Full Paper

• Abstract/Paper Submission

  1. Create new login account
    (If you already have your login account, please skip this step.)
    Open the Login page and click [Create New Account] button. Please enter your personal information.
  2. Login
    After you created your login account, click [Login] button in the login page.
    (If you skipped the previous step, open the login page from the left site menu and enter your e-mail address and password.)
  3. Create new entry of contribution
    Open the "Author" tabbed page from the tabs at the top of page.
    Click [New Contribution] button and follow the instractions.

• Copyright Transfer Form Submission

The TPC of RPHA19 Conference asks all speakers for sending us the document "Copyright and right of Publication transfer approval" with a fulfilling of all information, along to the process as follows:

  1. Download the copyright transfer form via the following link.
    Copyright transfer form : PDF
  2. Describe the information on your paper, personal data and your signature.
  3. Scan your signed copyright form and convert it into PDF.
  4. Login the paper management system.
  5. Open "Author" tab and click "Submit Copyright".
  6. Submit the scanned PDF file.

• Final Paper Submission

  1. Submit the copyright transfer form.
  2. Login the paper management system.
  3. Open "Author" tab and click "Submit Final Paper".
  4. Submit your final paper.