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• What's New

 Doc.05, 2019: RPHA19 Conference was successfully closed. Thank you for your participation. (see on-site documents)
 Nov.21, 2019: Conference Proceedings is available.
 Nov.06, 2019: Due day of registration is extended.
 Sep.20, 2019: Final paper submission is closed.
 Aug.01, 2019: Copyright form and final paper submissions have opened.
Final paper submission will be available after the copyright transfer form submission.
Please download the copyright form via the Submission page.
 July05, 2019: Paper submission is closed.
 May 10, 2019: Submission of abstract and draft paper have opened.
 Mar.05, 2019: Website open.

• Call for Papers

RPHA19 Call for Papers (Revised: July 2, 2019. PDF, 126kB)

• Proceedings

RPHA19 Conference Proceedings (PDF, 21.0MB)

• About RPHA

Establishing this RPHA (Reactor PHysics Asia 2019) conference series was agreed by the Reactor Physics Divisions (and/or mathematics and computation) of nuclear (or atomic energy) societies of Korea, China and Japan to promote knowledge exchange between the nuclear reactor physics related groups of the nuclear industry, academia, and research sectors in Asian countries. RPHAs, which will take place every two years by rotating the host among the three countries, would provide a very efficient meeting ground for sharing technical information and encouraging mutual collaboration. The regional closeness and the cultural similarities of the Asian countries would be another important benefits of the RPHA meetings as well.

• Publication Schedule

Manuscript Due : July5th, 2019
Review Results : Aug.9th, 2019
Final Paper Due : Sep.20th, 2019 
Registration Due: Dec.2nd, 2019 

* Conference proceedings will be published from the Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science, Kyoto University (KURNS) around the beginning of November, 2019, as follows:
RPHA19 TPC, "Proceedings of the 3rd Reactor Physics Asia Conference in 2019 (RPHA19)," KURNS-EKR-xx, ISSN yyyy-zzzz, Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science, Kyoto University (2019).

* RPHA19 is sponsored by Kansai Research Foundation for technology promotion (KRF).