Publication of special issue of Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology

[Publication will be free of charge]

From among all papers submitted to the PHYSOR-2014 conference, those papers which describe cutting-edge research/development and which are of importance to field of (nuclear) reactor physics, will be selected for publication in a special issue of the Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology (JNST), the scientific journal of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan. The selection will be done by the technical program committee, with help of the chair persons of the individual sessions. The publication will be free of charge for the authors.

To prevent duplicate submissions, papers contributed to the special issue should be different from the papers submitted to the conference: for example, more details, or new results obtained after the conference paper was prepared should be included. A paper submitted to the conference will not be accepted as is for publication in JNST.

At present, we plan to select about twenty papers for inclusion in the special issue of JNST. We are setting a page limit of 10 pages on submissions for JNST. The format (template) for contributions to the special issue of JNST is the normal JNST format. The format is available online and more details will be given once a paper is selected for submission in JNST.

After the conference, an invitation to submission for the special issue will be given to the authors of the selected papers. The authors will be requested to prepare a revised/updated manuscript within 45 days of the conference. After the process of peer-review and revision, the special issue of JNST will be published in the summer of 2015.